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Since the beginning of wine, people have been writing about it.  There are so many books on wine available today that it may be hard to know which one to pull off the shelf. I have highlighted 4 of my favorites for general use.  Additionally, I have listed a handful of nerdy and specific books at the bottom of the page.

Wine Bible.jpg

General Wine

The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil

The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil is a great introductory book for people looking to gain a general understanding of the wines from the major regions of the world.  This was the first wine book that I read cover to cover and it inspired me to take my certifications from the WSET.

Oxford Companion.jpg

General Wine

The Oxford Companion to Wine by Jancis Robinson & Julia Harding

Think of this as an encyclopedia for everything about wine.  This gives in-depth descriptions of regions, grapes, countries, winemaking terms, et cetera.  While it won't give you a dissertation on everything about wine, it does a great job at providing meaningful insights.

Atlas of Wine.jpg

General Wine

The World Atlas of Wine by Hugh Johnson & Jancis Robinson

What the Oxford Companion shows in words, this shows in pictures.  This book gives detailed maps of regions, sub-regions, and vineyards from across the world and provides a quick written overview of the growing conditions and wines from that area.  If you are someone who likes to visualize the region, this book is for you.

Wine Grapes.jpg

Grape Specific

Wine Grapes by Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding, & Jose Vouillamoz

This has to be the most in-depth book on wine grapes.  It is written for the true wine nerd.  It provides history, genetic heritage, growing characteristics, and wine characteristics for nearly 1,400 grape varieties.  While some may think that this book is a "dry" read, it is one of my favorites and most relied upon.

The books listed above are my go to reads for general wine information.  The books listed below are for the reader who is seeking something a little more specific.

Winemaking Specific:

  • Wine Science: Principles and Applications by Ronald Jackson BUY

  • The Chemistry and Biology of Winemaking by Ian Hornsey BUY

  • Wine Science: From Vine to Glass by Jamie Goode BUY

  • Postmodern Winemaking by Clark Smith BUY

Region/Wine Specific:

  • Port and the Douro by Richard Mayson BUY

  • Champagne by Peter Liem BUY

  • North American Pinot Noir by John Haeger BUY

  • The Concise Guide to Wine & Blind Tasting by Neel Burton BUY

  • The Geography of Wine by Brian Sommers BUY

History/Wine Stories:

  • Shadows in the Vineyard by Maximillian Porter BUY

  • Tasting the Past by Kevin Begos BUY

  • Wine and War by Donald Kladstrup & Petie Kladstrup BUY

  • To Cork or Not To Cork by George Taber BUY

  • The House of Mondavi by Julia Silver BUY

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