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About Tazzelenghe

     Tazzelenghe is the brainchild of Michael Caputo. His exploration of wine writing started in 2010 with TheWeeklyCrush. With over a decade of winemaking, wine tasting, and wine writing experience, he brings you Tazzelenghe, a collection of long form blogs, inciteful videos, and short form snippets for social media.

Notable Achievements

  • BS in Chemistry with a minor in Fermentation Science from Oregon State University

  • MS in Organizational Leadership from Johns Hopkins University

  • 12 Harvests across Oregon, Washington, and New Zealand

  • WSET Advance Certification with Distinction

  • 2 Years teaching winemaking through WSET

  • 2 Years leading tasting groups

  • TheWeeklyCrush 2010-2012

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